Sejingkat Fabrication Yard

Sejingkat Yard is Brooke Dockyard’s main fabrication yard. This 20-acre site is strategically located at the deep-water front at Sejingkat, near to the new Senari Port. This Yard is geared for heavy engineering works inclusive of shipbuilding, oil & gas and other heavy engineering works.With the current status of yard upgrading the total tonnage capacity achievable is 8,500 tonnes.

Overall Yard Capacity :

  • Total Yard area = 91,820 mtr sq
  • Open Fabrication area = 38,000 mtr sq
  • Covered workshop area = 11,000 mtr sq
  • Bulkhead Capacity = 4,000 mt
  • Proven Yard capacity = 8,500 mt
  • Water depth = 10mtr

Facilities Available :

  • 8,500 Tonnes rated yard capacity
  • 4,000 Tonnes Loadout Jetty
  • Engineering Office completed with Autocad, PDMS and workshops
  • Wide range qualified WPS including exotic material (super duplex)
  • Blasting and Painting workshop
  • Light Engineering workshop
  • Extended structural workshop
  • Piping workshop