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31st May 2012, Brooke Dockyard turns 100 Today!!


Brooke Dockyard Revitalization Journey



 The delightful account of the function, which follows was given by the Ranee Sylvia in her autobiography "Sylvia of Sarawak"

 "We had not been in Sarawak long when I was asked to perform the ceremony of opening the new drydock. I shall never forget the ceremony as long as I live. It has been announced in pamphlets and the Sarawak Gazette as one of the most important events in the history of the Sarawak Public Works Department. This did not tend to encouragement, or help me to feel at my ease. Vyner was nervous. He has always been stricken by any public ceremony and his restless timidity infected me, so that before I was dressed I was already in a bath of perspiration.  We all there sallied forth at 5 p.m and proceeded in a boat upriver, until  we arrive at the entrance to the dock. A  bugle call from the boat heralded our arrival and the gate of the dock was flung open. We were then paddled to the steps inside the gate, up which was ascended the Hias prepared for our reception. After having been presented with an enormous bouquet of wild orchids which was smothered in ants, I was then invited to declare  the new dock open, I can remember so well stepping forward and saying in a voice that sounded like a hinge wanted oiling, I declare this dock now open and name it Vyner Brooke.

"Hubbub that ensure was incredible. Vyner had prepared a magnificent speech, which he endeavored to deliver. But in the meantime, the Chinese and Malays had gone crazy with excitement and activity. They plunged into the water with ropes between their feet, there swarmed upon the platform laughing and screaming to one another instruction and wishes of good will, Vyner's speech was spoken but unheard. He did not dare to look at one another, we were on the border of hysterics "

The dry dock was declared open by Her Highness the Ranee Muda on Friday afternoon, 31st May 1912


Brooke Dockyard a name synonymous with the heritage and culture of Sarawak, prides itself as the oldest shipyard in Malaysia and providing employment to the people of Sarawak for the past 100 years.



Brooke Dockyard started off in 1912 by the 3rd White Rajah, Sir Charles Vyner Brooke and was declared open by Her Highness Ranee Muda Sylvia on 31st May 1912 the same year as the Titanic sunk. It might be an earlier realization on the importance of having repair facilities for the white Rajah's boats. During the confrontation years in early 1960s, the dry dock played an important role as a focal point in repairing all type of military vessels and was then part of the government workshop dealing in repairs of Government vessels and machinery as well as private vessels. From the year around 1985 to 1998, Brooke Dockyard went through a phase best defined as the "challenging period". It was when the Government ferries were privatized and the company lost its direction, during the period there was a critical need to look for new business. It is a time of change and Brooke Dockyard must evolve and keep track with the latest technology and business environment.



This transformation will never happen without the people who have self belief and confident, willingness to change, adaptable and the most important the person to show the right path and provide direction. The dedicated management team managed to turn a dockyard that was rotting away and on the brink of bankruptcy but with fortitude and courage, endured change for a better future. The management decided to realign the company from a traditional ship repairing and shipbuilding works into oil and gas industry aggressively. The management and the Board and with government assistance has taken up this impossible task by doing its first oil and gas project in 1997 i.e Malong Jacket and Topsides  from Petronas Carigali. From that day on the catalyze focus involve in Oil and Gas Industries.




Reflected back for 16 years of change, with the great pride, Brooke Dockyard has indeed made itself relevant in the highly demanding oil and gas fabrication industry. Todate, Brooke Dockyard  has encomplishing 15 offshore modules, 10 substructures and 4 offshore Living Quarters. Now, Brooke Dockyard has established full range of multi national clients with world class expectations such as Petronas Carigali, Shell, Talisman, Murphy Oil and Exxonmobil Exploration and Production Ltd.

Throughout the years, Brooke Dockyard has crafted its capabilities to build customized products primarily steel with no compromise on safety and quality standards. Brooke Dockyard inculcates safety as the driving culture of the Corporation. No compromise has been made to ensure Brooke Dockyard is safe place for people to work. Brooke Dockyard HSE philosophies defined that safety is a paramount in working environment and believes that doing " right the first time" is the guiding principle and hard work and team spirit are highly valued together with profit orientation and benefit to the Brooke's staff and family. In 2001, Brooke Dockyard was awarded Petronas Gold Award during Petronas Group HSE Week 2000/2001 for winning the HSE Management System for Fabrication Yard Category. To date, Brooke Dockyard has an outstanding and best safety achievement record and had only one accident encompassing several projects for the past 16 years. In 1999, Brooke Dockyard has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to Quality Management System Standards MS ISO 9002 for the construction of  ship up to 2500 DWT and Fabrication of structural assemblies and modules for oil & gas industries which marks the first achievement being the first state government statutory body attaining the ISO 9001 status. This quality approach reflects the independence and maturity of the QA systems and elements ingrained within the corporation organization structure. Now, throughout the years of experience in Oil and Gas, Brooke Dockyard QMS standard was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008. Brooke Dockyard has now in its custodian a full range of qualified welding procedures from common carbon steel to exotic materials such as duplex and possibly the only Sarawakian company possessing such a full range.

The Corporation's most important asset is the people. From a mere figure of 150 personnel in 1996, Brooke Dockyard  now employs a steady workforce of around 400 personnel. Brooke Dockyard employees' skills cover a wide range of expertise in engineering and project management, giving a complete and integrated service under one roof.

Brooke Dockyard aspires to be an important regional player, especially in the engineering works of the oil and gas industry and play an important role in the human resource development in Sarawak, particularly in the high-end engineering sector. A mechanism has been developed using the "Teaching Factory" concept where Brooke Dockyard have been collaborating with Sarawak Skills Development Centre (PPKS) for the hand-on training of welders at worksite. Thus, allowing the trainees to be exposed to project works directly. Since the program started in 1999, Brooke Dockyard has trained more than 600 welders. In addition, Brooke Dockyard also provides an industrial training for university and polytechnic students, and as at now Brooke Dockyard has trained  ninety (90)  students in industrial training placement. This is amongst the strategies to fulfill Brooke Dockyard aspiration to become the best contributors towards the development of human resource which will enhance Sarawak further in this challenging sector of the economy.

Brooke Dockyard main asset is Sejingkat Yard, defined as main fabrication yard.


The 20-acre site is strategically located at the deep-water front at Sejingkat, near to the new Senari Port.  Sejingkat Yard is geared for heavy engineering works inclusive of  shipbuilding, oil & gas and other heavy engineering works. In 1999, the rated capacity is only 300 MT and the project undertaken is 120 MT  BODP120 -C Helideck.

Throughout the years, Brooke Dockyard keep moving and through yard expansion plan and upgrading facilities, Sejingkat yard has achieved the total tonnage proven yard capacity of  8,500 Matrix Tones. 


Over the years of its involvement in Oil and Gas fabrication industry, Brooke Dockyard has been building up its capabilities as Major Fabricator of Offshore Modules comprising of drilling platforms, gas compression/production modules, Water Injection Platforms and Living Quarters specialist. Brooke Dockyard also has the capabilities for the turnkey (EPCC) for offshore development, fast track projects, offshore host tie-in and Hook up & Commissioning works, subsea fabrication, skid packages and onshore petro chemical plant. Besides, Brooke Dockyard is still maintaining its traditional business of shipbuilding for high speed and state of art boats, ship repair total life cycle service provider and mid span bridges fabricator.   

In line with sustainable business model, Brooke Dockyard has maped out the bold targets in the face of the changing industry future outlook by capitalizing on the business niche capabilities for shallow water size modules, Living Quarters specialist, EPCIC experience and with integrated inhouse engineering team  to become a Project Developer for offshore Malaysia marginal fields.

The corporation can only view the future with the confidence that it has been able to evolve with the changing time and sustain its existence for the past 100 years.



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