Contract No : CHO/2016/DKB/1003

Client : Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd


Jacket    – 1300MT

Topside – 1200MT

Boatlanding – 50MT

Pile Conductor – 1350MT 

Project Title:


Project Brief:

The Anjung Field is located approximately 180 km offshore Bintulu, Sarawak with water depth of 75m in Sub-Block SK 315 with 100% PETRONAS Carigali equity. Anjung will be developed through the production of three (3) gas development wells under Kumang Cluster PSC with objective of developing a total reserve of 348 Bscf gas and 5 MMstb condensate within PSC life with planned 1st Gas Date by December 2019. One (1) spare wellhead slot will be provided as part of future well tie-in provision.

These wells will be produced through a wellhead platform in Anjung, and the full well stream (FWS) production will be evacuated to KAKG-A Central Processing Platform (CPP) through an 18″ x 8 km FWS CRA Clad (Incoloy 825) pipeline.

The expected produced gas from Anjung wells contain high CO2 concentration and small traces of mercury contamination. The quantity of CO2 and mercury expected from the wells are 12 mole% and 0.02 – 0.07μg/m³ respectively. H2S expected from the wells is 75 ppm. The facilities is designed to cater up to 300MMscf/d gas and 4500 bbl/d condensate with maximum of 150MMscf/d gas per well.

Anjung Gas Development Project topside facilities and intra-field pipelines shall be designed for a minimum operational life of 25 years. Structural shall be designed for a minimum operational life of 30 years. Anjung platform will be designed with SIPROD readiness.

Power generation for AJJT-A is derived from existing KAKG-A via a composite submarine cable. Composite submarine cable shall also be utilized as the main backbone communication link between AJJT-A and KAKG-A for voice, data and monitoring system.

For this development works, COMPANY has awarded CONTRACTOR with the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) of the new Anjung Facilities, including the AJJT-A topside, jacket substructure, foundation piles and all associated appurtenances and composite submarine cable together with the host tie-ins and modifications at the existing KAKG-A, along with the engineering of the FWS pipeline connecting the new AJJT-A to the existing KAKG-A. Offshore Transportation & Installation (T&I) scope of works for AJJT-A topside, jacket substructure, FWS pipeline and composite submarine cable is performed by COMPANY.