MOU signing with Giat Mara and Gigih Avenue

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Brooke Engineering and Shipyard Management Corporation, Giatmara Malaysia and Gigih Avenue Sdn Bhd

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Brooke Dockyard Engineering and Shipyard Management Corporation, GIATMARA Malaysia (GIATMARA) and Gigih Avenue Sdn Bhd (GASB) on May 29 at the Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching. The ceremony was witnessed by YB Dr. Hazlan Abang Hipni, Demak State Assemblyman (ADUN). The contents of this MOU, among others, provide an opportunity for selected welding trainees from 8 GIATMARA welding training centers throughout Sarawak to undergo advanced training for 4 months at the GIATMARA Advanced Welding Training Center – GIGIH AVENUE in Mara Industrial Area (KIM) Demak Laut and beyond two months at Brooke Dockyard Sejingkat for industrial training to prepare them for a welding qualification test before being hired.

Brooke Dockyard is one of the EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning) contractors in Malaysia in the field of steel construction and heavy oil and gas engineering which is no stranger to the local market, especially in the region. Registered with Petronas in the “Major Fabricator” and “Hook Up and Commissioning” categories, Brooke Dockyard has been entrusted by Petronas and other PSCs such as Shell, Murphy and Talisman to complete steel structures and offshore facilities for the upstream oil and gas industry for over 17 years .To face a more competitive and challenging market in the future, Brooke Dockyard like other contractors always needs sufficient and quality human capital to ensure the success of a project and ensure HSE and Quality records are always at the best level. “Realizing the increasing demand from year to year, without compromising on compliance with international standards such as AWS D1.1 and ASME B31.3, Brooke Dockyard recognizes the need to work directly with Training Centers and skilled manpower marketing agents to meet growing human capital needs. this “, said the Chairman of Brooke Dockyard, Datuk Abang Haji Abdul Karim Tun Abang Haji Openg.

This collaboration is not only a collaboration in terms of providing facilities and opportunities for industrial training, Brooke Dockyard also goes a step further by providing valuable input and added value to this training curriculum such as HSE, QA/QC and international client standards and requirements to ensure the marketability of each trainee. . Furthermore, as a Statutory Body, Brooke Dockyard has a social responsibility to ensure priority is given to locals to meet the needs of skilled labor in the sector and further reduce dependence on foreign skilled manpower especially in the field of welding which is flooding this modern country.

Bidang kimpalan memang sudah ditawarkan di 38 pusat GIATMARA semenjak permulaan operasi iaitu pada tahun 1986 lagi kerana menyedari potensi pulangan lumayan kepada tenaga mahir bidang ini. Dengan 69 tenaga pengajar yang bertauliah, latihan kemahiran ini berhasil mengeluarkan 1200 pengimpal setahun. Pelatih akan dinilai menerusi ujian kelayakan kimpalan (Welder’s Qualification Test atau WQT) mengikut kod dan piawaian antarabangsa, Semua pelatih wajib lulus visual dan X-ray untuk mendapat sijil kelayakan yang disaksikan oleh penilai daripada Agensi pihak ketiga (3rd party Agency) yang diiktiraf.

The establishment of an advanced training center, the Gigih Avenue Advanced Welding Training Center (GAAWTC) by Gigih Avenue Sendiri Berhad (GASB) in the Sg. Manggis, Banting in December 2012 aims to provide specialized training in line with the needs of the industry in the field of welding to the youth. In this regard, GASB and GIATMARA Malaysia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 27th February 2013 to develop an Advanced Welding Training Center at GIATMARA Branches throughout Malaysia in the field of welding. The first training center as a result of this joint venture has been successfully operated at the GIATMARA Training Center Kuala Langat, Selangor where a total of 30 selected GIATMARA graduates each intake have undergone advanced training for 3 months. So far, a total of 60 trainees have been placed in companies in the oil & gas sector throughout Malaysia. In addition to acting as the training operator, GASB also acts as the marketing partner of the program will ensure the human capital market strategy is always dynamic, robust and competitive to ensure job continuity for graduating trainees and look after the welfare of trainees so that they can be self -sufficient.

This collaboration has its own meaning for the shipping and oil and gas industries as there is continuity of training upon completion at 38 GIATMARA Welding Training Centers throughout Malaysia, with advanced training in providing them with a better working environment. Directly, this will increase the competitiveness among these trainees who are on average from the bumiputera race. The selected trainees will be screened from a total of 350 welding students throughout Sarawak each year and a target of 60 welders passing 6G/6GR welding positions for the GTAW/SMAW process each year will be released and eligible to work through this collaboration program with Brooke Dockyard.