Project Brief

The construction of the Batang Sadong (Sg. Buluh) Ferry was awarded by Liew Fap Nien Sdn. Bhd., to Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Corporation with a 10 months delivery period. The work commenced on the 15th of July 2005 and as off 21st of September 05, the progress is at 38.4 % ahead of by 4.38% from the planned percentage. The man hours utilized so far for the construction works is 38,000 without LTI (loss time injury).

The ferry is designed by Wong’s Shipbuilding Contractor & Designer to achieve estimated 8 knots at full load powered, powered by four Cummins KTA -19, 500 BHP at 1800 rpm. With the overall length of 54.17 meters, beam of 12.20 meters and depth of 2.6 meters, the ferry is able to accommodate 200 passengers and 32 cars

Award Date : 1st March 05
Completed Date : 31st December 2005
Client : Liew Fap Nien Sdn. Bhd.