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The largest platform ever built by Brooke Dockyard

Award Date : 1st March 2000
Completion Date : 1st May 2001
Tonnage : 2000MT

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) and ESSO Production (M) Inc (EPMI) are the joint venture partners on Angsi Project with PCSB as the operated under the main term and condition of the gas production sharing contract (GPSC).

Angsi-B (ANDP-B) is an oil satellite platform located 6 km west of Angsi – A central processing platform ( ANPG-A) and Angsi-A Drilling & Riser Platform (ANDR-A). ANDP-B is required to develop the western part of Angsi Oil reserve. Full well stream production from ANDP-B will be sent via pipline to ANPG-A and ANDR-A for further processing prior to onwards transmission to the onshore terminals.

ANDP-B will be an unmanned integrated deck with a helideck. It will be a four – legged steel piled jacket platform in a 69m water depth. The platform has 32 conductor slot, well testing and required utilities to support the operations. Gas lifts and water injection, will be supplied form ANPG-A via pipeline, are required to maximize hydrocarbon recovery. The platform is designed for remote monitoring and controls from ANPG-A via distributed control system. Communication and power will be via composite submarine cable from ANPG-A.


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